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Sports physiotherapy or movement

Sports physiotherapy is physiotherapy specialized in techniques and practice, as well as in the knowledge of specialized techniques only for sport.

Sports physiotherapists should always be alert to possible and any type of injury to the athletes who are in charge.

Sports physical therapy through physical agents and pathologies that develop in sports practice.

That is, sports physiotherapy is one that treats all symptoms and discomfort of athletes or athletes who suffer or may suffer injury or trauma.

These types of injuries do not necessarily have to occur at times of sports physical practice.

But it happens that they are presented in any circumstances, among the most common and most commonly presented sports injuries we have:

• muscle contracture

• overloads

• bruises

• elongations

• strains

• fiber breakage

• tendinopathy

• other pathologies that are related to the tendon

• sprains

• ligament distention

These are some of the problems that occur most frequently in basketball players and footballers not only in professional practice.

All these mentioned problems are to which athletes are exposed day to day regardless of their age.

This type of therapy focuses mainly on athletes as they with those who need much more care and special treatments that are different from sedentary people like us.

On the other hand, it also focuses on the prevention of diseases and injuries that athletes can suffer.

Movement therapy is one that sports use to prevent and treat injuries and pathologies of the locomotor system and balance the body both physically and mentally.

Taking care of the complete health of the athletes.

Therefore, the sports physiotherapist uses only harmless physical agents.

That is why you should know exhaustively the anatomy, physiology and pathomechanics of the sports injury on which you will develop.

Since, from the medical diagnosis, a correct protocol of effective therapeutic action to recover as soon as possible a patient.

In the event that the injured patient presents a surgical intervention, he should always be aware of all the circumstances in which the patient is exposed.


However, it should be mentioned that there are injuries that can be treated with sports therapeutic techniques.

Let us mention some of them:

• Low back pain

• Muscular distention

• Elbow bursitis

• Anterior cruciate ligament rupture

• Knee bursitis

• Subacromial syndrome

• Shoulder dislocation

• Finger of grass


Some benefits of sports therapy or movement therapy.

• Treatment of pathologies and osteoarticular injuries

• Decreased risk of injury

• Reduction of osteoporosis

• Improvement of joint flexibility

• Improvement of heart rate

• Increased oxygen in the heart and muscles

• Improvement of circulation

• Weight reduction and obesity control

• Control of blood pressure