What is a sports physiotherapist

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Sports physiotherapist

Nowadays the sports physiotherapist is integrated in the technical staff of the different clubs and the many sports teams big or small.

As in the same way, sports physiotherapists are already integrated in pavilions, swimming pools, gymnasiums and liberal exercise cabinets.

Not to mention that in schools now also have this professional because children are more exposed to future injuries that can not be sports injuries,

Since a sports physiotherapist is a great help since it uses only iniquitous physical agents.

Therefore, it must first be demanded that the chosen physiotherapist have the necessary experience in any circumstance that arises.

Since you must always be alert of all the symptoms and clinical history of each and every one of the athletes.

To this way, we can act with any difficulty.

So this must be thoroughly qualified by their respective studies since they must be highly trained to practice their profession effectively and responsibly.

However, the sports therapist must be thoroughly familiar with the anatomy, physiology and pathomechanics of the particular sports injury that occurs.

Since from the diagnosis previously evaluated by the professional this will be developed their respective healing technique.

To achieve the successful recovery of the patient athlete.

Since in the hands of him is the athlete and depends on his quick and successful recovery.

The sports physiotherapist must manage and master a wide variety of techniques within the career of Manual Therapy.

Some techniques that are most used in any circumstances are:

• Massage therapy

• Kinesiotherapy

• manipulative therapies

• osteopathy, etc.,

As well as analytical, global and proprioceptive kinetic methods of functional recovery can be used.

Within these we include some of them as:

• functional bandage

• Analytical stretching in Physiotherapy

 • Isokinetics

• hydrotherapy

• cryotherapy

• thermotherapy

 • electrotherapy among other disciplines that are proper for the correct recovery of the athlete.

Likewise, the professional in sports physical therapy must make known and influence on or about the prevention of possible and future injuries that athletes may obtain.

 Given the different circumstances the professional is responsible for explaining protocols and therapeutic exercise tables for the prevention of future injuries.

Trying this way in the maximum of the sportsmen they obtain their previous adequate heating before leaving to expose themselves before any party to play.