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Physical therapy or physical therapy

Physical therapy is a professional career within health, which has many specialties such as: sports, neurology, wound care, EMG, circulatory system, geriatrics, orthopedic surgery, women’s health in general, and also includes pediatrics .

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is called as is the science of treatment through both physical and a variety of therapeutic exercises, as well as massage therapy including electrotherapy.

However, physiotherapy can not be limited to a single and unique set of techniques and procedures.

Therefore, this must have a very deep knowledge of the human being.

That is to say, physio therapy includes the execution of different exercises, as well as the execution of electrical and manual tests in order to determine the value of affectation, as well as the muscle volume and strength.

In order to do this, we can determine the functional capabilities and the amplitude of the muscular movement and their respective joints.

All these different physical and electrical tests help us control the evolution of a certain individual or patient.

Which is one of the disciplines of health science that offers a non-pharmacological therapeutic alternative.

To diagnose, prevent and cure various symptoms of ailment or discomforts are acute or chronic.

The same that is characterized by that seeks the proper development of all functions that reduce the systems of the human body.

To do so, intervene in their functions through the use of scientifically proven techniques and approved by experts.

This branch of medicine involves curing patients by means of or using therapeutic massage, cold, heat, light, water and some manual techniques as is the case of the patient, among them the most used is electricity.

According to the World Confederation for Physiotherapy h2

However, there are organizations such as the WCPT (World Confederation for Physiotherapy) that defines physiotherapy in two different points of view:

  1. Internal aspect: as ART and SCIENCE of Physical Treatment is a set of techniques that, through the application of different physical people, cure, prevent, recover and re-adapt to the patient who are susceptible to receive certain physical treatment.
  2. External aspect: one of the fundamental basic pillars of medicine which has to cure, prevent and readjust the patient.

On the other hand, according to the World Confederation for Physiotherapy (WCPT), physiotherapy has as its main and only objective.

Facilitate the complete development, maintenance and total recovery of the patient’s healing in terms of mobility and functionality.

Physiotherapy or physical therapy intervenes when a determined human or patient has lost or may be at risk or about to lose physical functions.

Or also when the patient has temporarily or permanently altered its proper movement.

It should be noted that the fundamental role of physiotherapy is in the field of prevention in order to achieve optimal general health in excellent conditions.