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A physiotherapist in general is a doctor who applies certain treatments to one or a group of patients.

As it can also be a person who is dedicated or his work is to perform physical or physiotherapy treatments whether sports or otherwise.

The physiotherapist is a professional who must be trained and authorized in its entirety to diagnose, evaluate, examine and treat deficiencies.

As well as functional limitations and different disabilities in each and every one of your patients.

Those people can orient and work with children as well as adults and older adults more frequently.

A reliable physiotherapist must be one who has followed educational programs that are based on university studies.

But these university studies are not any, but, which have a minimum of 4 years and are respectively assessed and accredited by the respective university or place of preparation.

This is very important since the respective professional training prepares future physiotherapists to be self-employed professionals.

And be able to work together and in collaboration with other members of the corresponding health team.

However, it should be noted that physiotherapists not only help to cure and diagnose some discomfort and ailment.

But they also teach exercises to help prevent injuries and loss of movement.

On the other hand, within the physiotherapist’s curriculum the knowledge and learning experiences of the future professional are included.

These experiences are in the clinical sciences most often seen by the physiotherapist as they can be mostly:

  • Cardiovascular system
    • Endocrine system
    • Lung system
    • Metabolic system
    • Gastrointestinal system
    • Genitourinary system
    • Musculoskeletal system
    • Neuromuscular system
    • Medical conditions
    • Surgical conditions

However, physical therapists use a variety of ideal and appropriate treatments depending on the patient’s condition or disability

This variety of treatments that are used to help strengthen the patient.

It also helps to improve the movement and strengthen the different skills that are necessary for our patient to achieve the activities you would do or your daily life.

That is, a physiotherapist is a health professional who is an expert in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of multiple pathological conditions.

The same ones that are treated by non-pharmacological therapeutic techniques.

Physiotherapists are characterized by using methods to help strengthen muscles, relieve pain and improve movement.

Here some methods like: h2

  • Exercise
    • Massage
    • Hot compresses
    • Ice
    • Electrical stimulation

We define the physiotherapist as a health professional who is trained or trained to evaluate and treat people with different conditions or injuries.

 That limit them in their ability to move and perform physical activities.

The team of physiotherapists has as main objective and is trained to perform a rehabilitation treatment for the symptoms and signs that appear in the locomotor system and in movement.

Which arise as a result of different neurological diseases.