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Physical therapy

Today and often we have heard that our doctor or physician of one of our relatives usually recommends resorting to physical therapy.

Physical therapy is recommended for children, adults and seniors.

 but especially and preferably in children or adolescents who have suffered some injuries or perhaps have some problem with mobility, a condition for perhaps some disability, caused by a disease that may be temporary or permanent.

The team of physio therapists works especially focused on the consequences or consequences of nerve injuries.

That after an injury physical therapists focus on working to reduce pain and discomfort and thus help the patient to get incorporated into their daily lives and resume daily activities.

Physical therapists use a variety of treatments to help build strength, improving patient movement.

And like it strengthens the skills needed to complete daily activities.

Therapists through their determined diagnosis can detect a wide spectrum of conditions, with very diverse symptoms among them are:

  • Spasticity
    • alterations in muscle tone (hypo / hypertonia)
    • tremor
    • rigidity
    • difficulty in muscle recruitment
    • motor control problems
    • alterations in coordination and balance
    • pain
    • numbness
    • engine slowdown
    • fine motor disorders
    • the precision of the movement
    • muscle contractures for compensation
    • progressive loss of capabilities
    • weakness
    • malaise

some diseases that tarta H2

physical therapy With the help of physiotherapy and the physiotherapist can treat and cure various injuries and conditions both temporary and permanent.

Whether in patients such as children, youth, adults and seniors.

 The physiotherapist in charge must be an efficient and professional physiotherapist to help achieve the goal which is to get the patient to recover muscle mobility.

As we have already said, physical therapy or physiotherapy covers the knowledge of everything that has to do with the human body.

 And that is why there are several health problems which are checked by specialists that can be treated to treat discomfort and ailments.

That is why a physiotherapist who already has his license is fully trained to give a diagnosis to a patient whose illness or disability requires physical therapy.

After this point to the patient and teach how to prevent future or possible injuries.

In case the patient is a child, the family and especially the mother or guardian of the child are told how to prevent possible injuries.

  • sports injuries
    • delays in development
    • cerebral palsy
    • multiple sclerosis
    • genetic disorders
    • spinal injuries
    • cephalic cardio trauma
    • orthopedic injuries or disabilities
    • • ataxias
    • heart and lung conditions
    • congenital malformations (such as spina bifida)
    • myelitis
    • Effects of exposure to drugs or alcohol inside the uterus
    • serious traumas
    • head injuries
    • altered states of consciousness
    • cerebral stroke
    • defects in the extremities
    •  muscle diseases
    • cerebral anoxias
    • nervous system disorders
    • neuromuscular diseases
    • cerebrovascular accidents
    • brain tumors
    • child brain paralysis